Thoughts About That Post-Session Question ‘How’d You Do?’

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Though most data mining applications packages compile their information out of hands where you have engaged, certain apps only watch hands at other tables and collect hand history information. These programs are called”handgrabbers”.

The dwell analog could be an observer in the railing who could not just watch the activity on every hand, but also understood the hole cards for every participant

Such information would be useful for gamers”spying” on a desk that they wanted to combine to determine the amount of ability of their potential opponents. A number of the main internet poker websites are taking measures to prevent players from using any sort of handgrabbing applications, because they believe such surgeries unethical. Back in November, Poker Stars prohibited the usage of SharkScope along with other data mining applications to be used at their matches. Full Tilt does possess its own policies with regard to handgrabbing along with using external data sources, since they respect them as a form of theft and cheating:

From Full Tilt’s Website Conditions:

“Full Tilt Poker prohibits the usage of outside participant aid applications (EPA Apps ) that are intended to provide users with a unfair edge over their competitors. Full Tilt Poker defines outside to imply computer software (besides the Full Tilt Poker game customer ), along with non-software-based databases or profiles (e.g., internet sites and subscription services). Full Tilt Poker defines an unfair advantage for a user obtaining or compiling info on other players outside what the consumer has observed through her or his play.”

Many websites have taken these steps because of participant complaints. Many poker players assert that such comprehensive data analysis tools provide their users unfair edge — with a few indicating that online data mining is cheating. Other observers have noticed that, if most of the”sharks” converge on tournaments and tables filled with”fish”, then they will chase off the “fish” they will need to maintain their bankrolls. Another notion is that the sport itself may detract out of a battle of wits, guts and fortune to a competition between applications tools; the individual component would become immaterial and every player would make their own conclusions based on reciting statistics instead of reading competitions.

If you understand that you have been playing too tight and folding a lot of, make more competitive and play back in them. No matter your type of poker, then the best approach to battle players utilizing data mining approaches against you will be to create their information obsolete.

Updated: October 12, 2019 — 3:18 am

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