Peel Remote

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Peel Remote Strip Universal Smart TV Remote Control is an app to remotely control a wide range of devices. Like your TV, DVD or Blu-beam player, or some other keen machine in your home.


One more of the prominent features in Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control. Is that its interface can prescribe arrangements of custom projects. In light of the substance you devour, the application cleverly sorts out your inclinations.


With Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control you can likewise set updates. So you remember about any of the projects you watch. The app can even prescribe content from various stages like Netflix or HBO.


Strip Universal Smart TV Remote Control gives the likelihood to control any device using your mobile as a remote. Make a rundown of your preferred channels and access a wide range of substance in a custom manner with no trouble.


Everything About The Notorious Smart Remote App


Peel Remote


Throughout the years, Peel Remote application has weakened from one of the top widespread remote apps. To the one the most fiendish Android app. However, a couple of device producers have the boldness to incorporate it on the device as a pre-stacked app.


In the good ‘old days, when the idea of “general remote in Android phone” was still new. Peel Smart Remote application picked up huge fame among tech enthusiasts.


At first, propelled in 2009, the Android application increased 25 million clients in just in a couple of years. Moreover, joint efforts with cell phone makers like Samsung and HTC immediately turned it one of the most downloaded. Savvy remote apps, with a client base of 70 million.


In any case, the app has been unequivocally condemned for some reasons. Aside from using devilish techniques to keep it running out of sight, the Samsung TV remote app. Shot clients with lock screen promotions and overlays.


Although, the company that the option in the settings menu to switch the menu to turn it off, the indifferent advance still didn’t resolve numerous issues with the Peel Remote App.


What exactly is Peel Smart Remote App?


Peel Remote


It is a universal smart remote application that basically transforms your smartphone into an across the board remote, i.e., enabling you to control apparatuses like Television, Air-Conditioner, Setup boxes and even contraptions like Roku, and few smart devices too.


The remote application uses the inbuilt IR blaster, accessible just in a couple of smartphones, which at that point transforms your smartphone into an all-inclusive remote. On the other hand, WiFI can likewise be used to control a couple of supported devices.


Features of the Peel Smart Remote App:


  • Rich Interface


The graphical interface makes the application simple to explore through the various areas. Particularly, exchanging among channels and aides is consistent.


  • Comprehensive TV Guide


The TV guide causes you to pick between various kind shows and scenes. You can search for “what’s drifting” and “as of late watched.” The guide feature data about the accompanying shows and even offers you personalized recommendations.


  • Physical Remote Replica


Remotes accessible in the app feature all the buttons, like a physical remote, in this manner making it simple to change channels at a moment. You can likewise have a custom remote and include your very own channels.


  • Youtube Live


The app likewise enables you to straightforwardly cast YouTube content for live spilling gadgets like Roku and Chromecast.


  • Voice Control


The voice collaborator inside the application can enable you to control the essential elements of your TV, similar to “Turn on the TV” or “increment volume by 10.” But this lone works with a couple of TVs.


How to Add a Device In Peel remote app?


Using IR Blaster


An all-inclusive brilliant remote application fundamentally uses the IR blaster a.k.a infrared blaster to control all hardware. It’s a cell phone sensor found in a couple of gadgets that imitates remotes of hardware, for example, a T.V remote, A.C remote and so forth.

If your phone has an IR blaster, then follow the below steps —


Peel Remote



  • Select on the TV brand or tap on other devices if you need to add other appliances like Home theatre.


  • Point your phone towards the gadget and tap on the power button to test if it’s turning on.


  • Once you set up the buttons, you can now freely use your Android Remote for controlling your TV or any other device.


Minecraft Apk


On the off chance that underlying catch testing doesn’t work, you can check for elective catches until you experience a working one.

When you have set up a solitary device, you can likewise add more devices to a similar area. Simply tap on to the Plus catch just underneath your WiFi name.


Using WiFi


Strip remote even works for devices which don’t have IR innovation, through WiFi.

So when you dispatch the application, it will accompany a spring up instating the WiFi device arrangement. Starting at now, there is just a couple of devices which can be controlled by means of WiFi.

Note: For this to work, the phone and the device ought to be on a similar system.






Why Peel Smart Remote App is criticized?


Peel Remote Ads


Peel Remote


In all honesty, the Peel Remote has been examined for over a year on account of the organization. Urgent measure to pick up income. In 2017. The app presented an insult advertisement routine with regards to deceptive lock screen promotions and overlays.

The application began setting promotions once again lock screen with no assent. Subsequently, individuals got disappointed on the grounds that they generally. Observed an advertisement at whatever point they opened their phone. Amazingly, the app didn’t give any choice to turn it off.

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