CouchTuner Blocked? 7 Best Alternatives to CouchTuner, Jan 2020

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CouchTuner, who doesn’t love just lying on the couch after a hard day at work or school and watching an interesting TV show or movie? None! That is the reason why such a significant number of people around the world buy on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and other payment media administrations. However, there are also less known ways of how to make the most of your favorite TV shows and movies, with CouchTuner being one of them.


This Article Has Been Updated On, January 4, 2020




What Is CouchTuner?


CouchTuner is an online movie and movie distribution website where you can watch content from HBO, Turner, The CW, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros., CNN, DC Comics, Otter Media and other major organizations and movie studios without paying.


In truth, you have heard well. It costs nothing to watch the TV arrangement and the movies on CouchTuner. That is because the site does not really have any substance on its servers. It simply provides a user interface that allows you to stream content provided on the servers of different external substance providers.


Is Couchtuner Safe?


After all, CouchTuner is not subject to any copyrighted substance with which the site connects, in any case, that is what CouchTuner administrators say on the site. Obviously, fun organizations and movie studios do not see things similarly, nor do many web indexes.


In case you cannot access CouchTuner, after all, your web access provider is blocking access to the web page. In case this is really the situation, you have two options: you can use a VPN administration to bypass the substance channel configured by your web access provider, or you can use one of the 7 best options for CouchTuner to record below.


Best Alternative Websites in 2020


1. SolarMovie


SolarMovie is one of the most famous options for CouchTuner. The site records movies and television programs in all aspects considered, and its well-planned user interface makes it very easy to find new and drifting substances.


Registered customers can rate movies and television appearances, save fascinating material for another time and make demands. Enlistment is completely free, and you do not need to provide data close to your home. Like any other option for CouchTuner registered in this article, SolarMovie does not store any documents on its servers. All substance is given by non-associated strangers.


2. Daily TV Fix


In the event that you cannot survive without a daily part of television, this web-based website is guaranteed to get your solution day by day. Day by day, TV Fix offers everything from the most recent moving images to the appearance of unrealized TV.


You can search content by name or use the site’s long-range search channel. Recently included TV show scenes are recorded directly on the home page, as are motion pictures updated later. It is extremely basic for Daily TV Fix to list more than twelve unique mirrors for each show and movie.


Day by day, TV Fix also has a functioning meeting area, where customers talk about their favorite TV shows and movies, make demands and associate with each other.


3. New Episodes


As the name of this online streaming site suggests. New Episodes is the place you want to be to watch the new episodes of popular TV shows minutes after they air. The site conveniently displays all TV shows that have aired the current week.


But you can also browse TV shows in alphabetical order or search for them directly using the search bar. Just like Daily TV Fix, New Episodes has an active forum section, and it’s recommended that new users introduce themselves to others so they can receive a proper welcome.


4. PutLocker


PutLocker is a web-based staple that the vast majority of those who have used several spill destinations in the past immediately perceive. Put Locker has the same movies and TV shows, and in all cases, there are many mirrors to watch, so accessibility is never a problem.


In addition to Hollywood blockbusters, PutLocker also has movies and television shows from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, China, France, and some different nations.


5. Primewire


Primewire is a well-known web-based webpage where you can watch recently downloaded. Motion pictures without having to track the silly costs of the performance center. You can access all the movies in Primewire with different objectives. So you can choose the one that best suits your web association and playback device.


Before watching a movie on Primewire, we suggest that you make a customer record and read the website guide on the best way to watch movies online safely.


6. Moviewatcher


Moviewatcher is free to support to watch movies on the move and TV shows online completely free and without registration. A part of the class that you can discover on the site incorporates activity, experience, movement, life history, satire, misdeed, narrative, dramatization, family, dream, black cinema, game show, history, horror, music, melodic, secret, news. , television without a script, feeling, short, sport, syndicated program, spine, war and western. As it should be obvious, Moviewatcher really has something for everyone and doesn’t request anything accordingly.


7. AZ Movies

Az Movies

Despite the fact that AZ Movies resembles a paid web-based spill management. That site is completely free and is managed by a gathering of fans of movies and TV shows that need to convey their affection for a film to the world.


You may think that it is interesting to realize that the most established. Film in AZ Movies is from 1915 and was organized by Charlie Chaplin.


How to Access Couch Using a VPN?


To see an extensive summary of the best VPN administrations, visit this site. When choosing a VPN control, keep track of its cost, the amount of IP it offers. Its global printing and its security and security guarantee.


Regardless of the VPN administration you choose, the settlement procedure is in all cases actually the same as:


1. Make a customer account.

2. Choose an arrangement and give subtleties to your quota.

3. Download and enter a VPN client in your device.

4. Associate securely with the web.


Many VPN administrations offer free time for testing, so you can use them to reach CouchTuner without paying.




CouchTuner is one of the most famous Internet spill destinations, but its options also have much to offer. In this article, we have recorded the 7 best options for CouchTuner. We are confident that our choice of a web-based spill. Destinations will help you make the most of your favorite TV shows and motion pictures, no matter how much you want.


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